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Design Reading

Human Design is more than a system; it's a journey to the core of your being, revealing the blueprint of your true self

Have you found Human Design and are trying to figure out what the heck it all means?

Maybe you’ve downloaded an app, bought a book or done some personal research on Google, but you still don’t fully comprehend it? Human Design is extremely complex!

It was never meant to be something a person could study and learn on their own. 

If you want to truly start your Human Design experiment, it’s very important to have your chart read by a trained analyst. 

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What you'll get:

  • 1 ½ hour comprehensive reading about your unique chart.

This goes beyond type and authority and into your profile, definition, gates, channels and even incarnation cross. My intention is to help you deepen your understanding of the true nature of you, wherever you are in your process.


If you are new to HD and this is your first reading I will start from the beginning.


If you have some knowledge and want to dive deeper into the aspects you don’t understand, I will meet you where you’re at.


This is not a one size fits all type of reading because no chart is one size.


This is a dynamic, holistic and comprehensive reading to help you apply HD in your day to day life. 

Don't have your chart yet?

Get your FREE Human Design Chart below :

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