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Discovering your Human Design is like uncovering a hidden language of your soul, a language that speaks of your deepest potentials and strengths.

Human Design intricately weaves together elements from four diverse systems:

Western astrology, the Hindu Brahman chakra system, the Jewish Kabbalah, and the Chinese I Ching.

Conceived in 1987 by the insightful Ra Uru Hu, Human Design transcends the bounds of a mere personality typing system, offering instead a unique exploration of our energetic and genetic blueprints. This approach delves into the physical body's nuances, unearthing how societal conditioning shapes us. Each Human Design chart is as distinctive as a snowflake, revealing the intricate details of your body's energy systems, mental patterns, and personality traits, all imprinted in your genetic code.


The essence of Human Design lies in gaining a deep understanding of your physical being and the personality it manifests. It illuminates the paths where societal conditioning and potential traumas have left their marks. To truly grasp the complexity and richness of your Human Design, engaging with a professional for an in-depth reading is pivotal. While self-research through apps, books, and online resources can be informative, they cannot fully integrate the holistic view of your chart like a skilled analyst can.


In the world of Human Design, there are five distinct types, each with a unique role and purpose. Attempting to navigate this system alone may contradict the very essence of the learning process. Embracing guidance from a teacher or mentor on your Human Design journey aligns you not just with your true self but also connects you with humanity at large in a meaningful way.


As part of my services, I offer personalized one-on-one chart readings, coaching, and in time, comprehensive Human Design courses. I am dedicated to supporting and guiding you on this transformative journey. My approach is rooted in compassion, knowledge, and a deep desire to empower. With an empathetic and nurturing style, I aim to foster an environment of understanding and warmth, encouraging your personal growth and self-discovery through the profound insights of Human Design.

Where to start?

1. Get Your Chart:

2. Understand The Foundation

When you first look up your Human Design chart, it will let you know what energy type you are. Human Design is about your physical body so your energy type is the electromagnetic field that your physical body produces.


There are four separate energy types:

Generator types, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors.


Each type has its own unique strategy. Think about your strategy like your game plan.


What are you going to do in order to operate an alignment with who you’re designed to be?


Along with your strategy you also have an authority.


Your authority is your own personal Inner Guidance system. It helps you know what decisions are correct for you. Your strategy and authority is about learning how to make decisions from the body, not the mind. Human Design runs off the basic principle that you were raised in a world, that didn’t know who you were designed to be at an energetic and Genetic level.


As you begin to follow your strategy and Authority, and decondition from who you think you’re supposed to be to the person you’re designed to be, you’ll start to wake up to the most authentic and aligned version of you.


Human Design is complicated so as you start to get confused with the details of the chart keep in mind it’s important to have a professional reading from a trained analyst who is taught how to decipher this important information.

3. Ready to take it a step further?
Take a look at your profile.

Your profile is like the outfit you wear.

You can have the same profile and be a different type with a different authority.

It gives you consistent and stable, personality traits and it also explains a lot of reasons why you are the way you are. Your profile also gives you an aspect of your life’s purpose and your karmic connection with those around you, and with what you’re supposed to be doing in this world as you uncover the truth of who you’re designed to be, you’ll find yourself resonating with these powerful of you.


You can utilize this tool to help you understand yourself, others, and step into your authenticity and alignment.

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Schedule a Human Design Reading

Human Design is extremely complex! It was never meant to be something a person could study and learn on their own.


If you want to truly start your Human Design experiment, it’s very important to have your chart read by a trained analyst.

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