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Human Design


Through combining Hypnotherapy and Human Design, we create a path to self-awareness and healing that is as unique as your design.

My role as a Hypnotherapist and Human Design analyst is to be a guide, illuminating the path back to your authentic self, free from the shadows of past traumas and limiting beliefs.

Hypnotherapy sessions are deeply transformative.

Hypnotherapy is not like traditional talk therapy or counseling where you mull over the details of the events in your childhood, relationships or trauma. In Hypnotherapy we are working with a different aspect of your awareness, your unconscious awareness.


All of your emotions, trauma, beliefs and behavioral patterns are stored within your unconscious mind and by working in altered states of consciousness we are able to locate, access and resolve whatever suppressed negative emotions, beliefs and trauma is holding you back and keeping you in limiting and dysfunctional patterns in your current life.


We are then able to process, disconnect and shift those emotions, beliefs and trauma so you are free to let the past stay in your past, so you can create a new future with healthy functional mental and emotional patterns.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Hypnotherapy sessions are two hours long and we clean up as much as we can each session.


  • Your unconscious mind has all of the answers we are looking for so I allow it to take us where we need to go. I will put you in a light trance before we begin and ask you questions to navigate you through the entire session.


  • You only need to tell me the first ting that comes into your awareness and trust that I speak the abstract language of the unconscious mind.


  • It is kind of like when you dream, so if it doesn't make any sense to you thats ok, it does to me.  You will feel an emotional difference immediately after the session is over (as long as you are truly wanting to let go and make deep changes).


  • Most sessions are done via zoom. I just need to see your face and chest to monitor your breathing patterns.


  • Please wear head phones so we can clearly hear each other and connect to our session in a comfortable place where your head can completely relax.


After the session within the first few days you will notice how you perceive or react to life or specific situations completely differently than you would have before our session (depending on what we worked around).


Most people feel lighter, happier and even euphoric the first few days after the session as you integrate the new changes into your life. I always encourage my clients to come back for more when they’re ready!

Just like life didn’t give you all your suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs in one experience, it often takes more than one session to clean it all out.

So, I encourage you to come back in within one to three months for your next session.

True healing begins when we acknowledge and embrace the intricate design of our being, a journey made possible through Human Design analysis.

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