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Hypnotherapy is more than a healing tool; it's a journey into the depths of your psyche, where true transformation takes root.

As a certified hypnotherapist, my journey into Human Design has been a journey of deepening understanding and skill. It took time and dedication to learn how to blend Human Design with my hypnotherapy practice effectively.

Now, having worked with hundreds of clients, I've had the fulfilling experience of integrating their Human Design charts into their hypnotherapy sessions. This integration allows me to not just perceive potential wounds but also to trace these wounds back to specific aspects in their charts, offering a clear map of their emotional landscape.


This approach transforms my practice from guesswork into a guided journey of healing.


During a Human Design reading, we uncover a wealth of insights, differentiating between dysfunctional patterns and the inherent traits of your unique design. Hypnotherapy then becomes a powerful tool in your journey of deconditioning, helping to dissolve negative emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs that are tied to these patterns.


This process paves the way for easier behavioral shifts, enabling you to embrace and embody your strategy and authority more fully. When navigating the realms of your subconscious mind, it's essential to have a guide who not only empathizes with your journey but also understands the blueprint of who you are meant to be.


My role is to provide that understanding and guidance, supporting you on a path towards personal growth and self-realization in the most nurturing and empowering way.

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