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  • What if I can’t be hypnotized?
    There is a misconception that a lot of people have about hypnosis that i’d like to clear up for you. Your brainwaves oscillate at different frequencies throughout your day. You sleep in Delta, talk work and function in Beta, relax in Alpha and fall to sleep in Theda. Hypnosis is intentionally altering your brainwaves and Hypnotherapy is intentionally altering your brain waves for therapeutic purposes. Every one can be hypnotized because everyone has a brain that functions in these different waves regularly. Some people are a bit more apprehensive and closed off to the idea of being hypnotized and that’s ok! I have a wide range of NLP and coaching techniques that I use on clients who aren’t comfortable with Hypnosis.
  • Will I be tired after the session?
    My Projector, Manifestor and Reflector clients tend to be a bit tired after a Hypnotherapy session and even the day after as well. There is a lot of energy moving in a session and it’s normal to need to replenish it in non-sacral beings. My Generator and Manifesting Generator clients typical have more energy after the session as a result of blocks that were hindering their sacral flow. Depending on what time of day we work, it’s very common for Generator types to be amped up post session. It is common in all types to experience a bi of fuzziness coming up from trance. That feeling dissipates within an hour to a few hours depending on each person's unique neurology.
  • Do I need to know what to work on?
    NO! Some people just have blocks they cant pinpoint. We will prime concern and figure out what exactly to work on before the session starts.
  • How does Human Design fit into a Hypnotherapy session?
    I use each person’s HD chart to navigate the Hypnotherapy session. It tells me who you are designed to be, how to communicate with you, what your potential emotional wounds are and what to expect when working with you. You will not be learning about your HD chart in a Hypnotherapy session. I offer HD readings as a separate service so you can learn about your unique chart with your conscious awareness.
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