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  • EGO AUTHORITY MEDITATION "Heart-Centered Decisions"

EGO AUTHORITY MEDITATION "Heart-Centered Decisions"


Connect with your heart's true desires through our Ego Authority Meditation, designed for those with Ego Authority in Human Design. Your decision-making process is guided by your willpower and heart-centered motivations, making it essential to align with your deepest intentions. This meditation helps you tune into your ego authority, fostering a strong connection to your inner will and personal power.


For those who often feel disconnected from their desires or struggle with self-motivation, this meditation offers a powerful tool for alignment.


By practicing regularly, you'll enhance your ability to make decisions that reflect your true passions and commitments. This meditation not only supports heart-centered decision-making but also strengthens your sense of personal power, guiding you to live a life that is authentically aligned with your core values and goals.

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