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  • SPLENIC AUTHORITY  "Awaken Your Intuition"

SPLENIC AUTHORITY "Awaken Your Intuition"


Awaken your innate intuition and trust your body's wisdom with our Splenic Authority Meditation. This guided audio session is crafted for those with Splenic Authority, designed to help you tune into your body's instinctual responses.


In Human Design, the Splenic Authority represents your most immediate and primal instincts, guiding you to make swift, life-affirming decisions. This meditation will support you in cultivating a deeper awareness of your inner voice, enabling you to trust your gut feelings and act with confidence.


For individuals who often feel disconnected from their instincts or second-guess their initial reactions, this meditation can be transformative.


By regularly practicing this meditation, you'll strengthen your connection to your Splenic Authority, leading to quicker, more intuitive decision-making processes. Embrace the journey towards trusting your instincts and discovering the clarity that comes from listening to your body's natural wisdom.

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