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Rebirth Through

Human Design


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A holistic approach to living a life of authenticity and abundance.


Discover your inherent strengths, challenges, and potential paths in life, diving into the details of your unique design.  Gain clarity about who you truly are and how you are designed to interact with yourself and the world.


Release suppressed emotions, detach from past traumas and limiting beliefs, so you can achieve emotional freedom and enhance your mental and emotional health.


 Live a life that truly resonates with your natural essence, characterized by abundance, vitality, and authenticity. Go beyond the pursuit of constant happiness and step into emotional strength, fully experiencing life as it unfolds in the now.

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Struggling to Find Clarity and Purpose in Life?

Feeling Stuck and Emotionally Drained? 

Struggling with Overwhelming Stress and Anxiety?

Are You...



Starts Here!

Envision a life where you're no longer held back by self-doubt, and where you can finally live an abundant life.

Through this unique approach,  combining the wisdom of Human Design and Hypnotherapy you will be empowered  like never before.

Imagine shedding the weight of unresolved emotional issues, chronic stress, and anxiety.


Human Design



Lives healed.

Lives transformed.

Hanna M, 36

Tresa has completely changed my life. I no longed feel the sense of guilt and  worthlessness I have felt for so long! Thank you!!

Tara S, 28

Through the use of Human Design, Tresa made me feel like she could see inside my soul and was able to help me heal very deep wounds!

Jordan H, 25

I've had 3 different analysts read my HD chart and this is the first time I feel like things actually make sense. Tresa has a gift!

Joel G, 41

Life changing experience! It's all I can say! I finally feel free to live my authentic self without fear of rejection and judgement!

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I understand the weight of the emotional burdens you've been carrying. You might be feeling like life has tossed you into turbulent waters, and finding solid ground seems like an uphill battle. I've been there too.

As a Human Design Hypnotherapist, my journey is driven by a deep passion to assist you in breaking free from the emotional burdens that weigh you down. I've witnessed incredible transformations when we harness the wisdom of Human Design and the healing power of Hypnotherapy.

Together, we'll navigate this transformative journey, and I'll be by your side every step of the way.

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Tresa Rivera

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