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I am a certified Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy. I'm also a trained Human design chart analyst and my goal is to support my clients in their Human design deconditioning journey by disconnecting suppressed emotions and shifting limiting beliefs through hypnotherapy

Meet Tresa Rivera

My role as a Hypnotherapist and Human Design analyst is to be a guide, illuminating the path back to your authentic self, free from the shadows of past traumas and limiting beliefs

 I started my self development and spiritual journey the same place most of my clients are in when they come to me. I was broken, dysfunctional and trying so hard to find peace and happiness.


No matter what I learned or how hard I tried I couldn't seem to sustain a place of normalcy in my emotions. I didn't even know what normal was! 


I experienced sexual trauma in my adolescent and later in life became extremely ill with a one in a million disease. The subconscious mind connects everything and what I know now that I didn’t know then is that my adolescent trauma was at the root of not just my illness but of years worth of pain and suffering. I had started my self development and spiritual journey long before I got sick and I really knew so much conceptually, yet I was incapable of practically applying most of it.


The disease had me unable to function on a day to day and I knew I had to make some serious changes. I drastically changed my diet and started to learn deep states of meditation. I thought I had things under control so when my sister said she was studying hypnosis I was convinced it wasn’t for me. She was insistent I try it, (after she healed a lot of trauma through it herself) so to appease her I did. What I experienced in that first session changed my life and within 3 Hypnotherapy sessions I had healed more of my trauma than in 10 years of self development. 


For the first time in my adult life I was living and embodying the spiritual principles I had worked so hard to understand. My trauma was gone, emotionally detached forever and the freedom I felt in my body was more profound than my words can describe. I was happy, but it wasn’t like I was happy all the time. It felt like I could properly feel emotions in the moment. If something frustrating happened I could respond appropriately to that frustration without all my past sadness and anger getting triggered at the same time. It changed my relationship with my husband, my kids, my parents and most importantly my self.


I do this in a few different ways. 

Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to not just locate but process and eliminate suppressed emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs. 

Human Design teaches you who you’re designed to be and along with that comes all sorts of tools you can use to navigate your future so you can create the life you want through alignment and intention.

What a lot of people don't realize about me

It was then that I decided to integrate hypnosis techniques into my health coaching practice, where I witnessed remarkable transformations in my clients. It was this success that propelled me to become a certified Hypnotherapist.

My discovery of Human Design was equally transformative. It helped me understand aspects of myself I was previously unaware of, leading to deeper, more lasting healing. Now, I combine Hypnotherapy with Human Design in my practice, offering a holistic approach to emotional well-being.


Shortly after I started my hypnotherapy business I discovered Human Design and It changed me as deeply as Hypnotherapy. Yes, I had healed my past wounds but I unknowingly was acquiring more simply because I was not living as the person I was designed to be. Human Design changed all of that for me and I realized I could use it in combination with my Hypnotherapy clients to get even deeper and longer lasting results. 

This personal transformation inspired me.

 I believe in a world where emotional healing and living true to our design can create harmony and peace. My goal is to help others find this balance and peace within themselves. It's not about being perpetually happy; it's about experiencing and expressing our emotions in healthy ways, allowing past feelings to stay in the past so that we can fully live in the present.

Hypnotherapy and Human Design profoundly changed my life. 

Firstly, to create a nurturing and secure space where you, my clients, can bravely explore and process difficult emotions through Hypnotherapy. Within the serene trance of hypnotherapy, we venture together into the depths of your emotional world, journeying as deep as you're ready to go. This sacred space is where you can release and understand your emotions, allowing for profound healing and release within each session.


Secondly, my aim is to enlighten and guide you through the intricate map of your unique Human Design chart. Understanding your chart is key to recognizing who you are truly meant to be, and equally, who you are not. This insight is more than just knowledge; it's a set of practical tools for daily life, assisting you in the journey of deconditioning. It allows you to experience life as it is meant to be, aligned with your unique design.


Your willingness to embark on this spiritual and emotional journey, to show openness and vulnerability, is something I deeply cherish. I am here to support you, to be a guiding light in your path of self-discovery and healing, impacting your life in a truly positive and transformative way.

In my practice, I hold two fundamental objectives close to my heart:

Meet My teacher Danny

Dan Edwards is a Human Design analyst and coach with over 15 years of experience and thousands of chart readings under his belt. He has an in-depth and advanced understanding of all things Human Design from the bodygraph to what's underneath and he is determined to get this important information into the world. While he is a guru in all aspects of HD, his true talent is within couples analysis and relationship coaching. Danny is a 2/4 Manifesting Generator RAX Vessel of Love, and there is truly no other human I’ve met that embodies love in quite the same way.
I met Danny a few years ago after my sister came home from a retreat where Danny was reading. She was so excited to tell me about Human Design and I didn’t understand any of it. So I did what any Manifestor would, I asked for his number and called him right then and there. He read my chart that afternoon and I have never felt so seen and validated in my entire life. After my first reading with Danny, I was forever changed. 
I did my best to digest the information he gave me but it wasn’t enough so a few days later I called him again to get another reading. This time we talked about my husband and the information he shared was exactly what I needed to understand the struggles in our relationship. A few days later I called him back to understand my kids through Human Design and was fascinated at how this man knew how to parent my kids better than I did! A few days later I called him back, unable to think of anything other than this fascinating world he was sharing with me. I told him I wanted to go to Human Design school and he lovingly told me that as a single definition splenic manifestor I would be bored to tears in a regulated teaching environment. He knew I needed to go fast and that I learn fast so he offered to be my Human Design teacher so I could learn at a pace that is comfortable to me. 

Danny opened up his course work for me to learn from. After 4 years and hundred of hours worth of lecture, charts and reading, Danny still meets with me a few times a week as I go through my own deconditioning process. Because no matter how fast my brain learns and conceptualizes things, Human Design deconditioning is not a fast process. It takes time, awareness and communion with others to decondition. It turns into a way of life and not so much a ribbon line at the end of a race. 


Danny has given me so much more than a Human Design education. He has given me one of the most beautiful and cherished friendships I have in this life. I hope you find his wisdom and poetic way of speaking as intriguing as I do! Danny will be teaching with me on a lot of courses and videos. If you would like to work with Danny directly through a chart reading and/or HD coaching you can email him at 

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